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Ancient & Forever
"He never raised his voice. That was the worst thing: the fury of the Timelord. And then we discovered why, why this Doctor who had fought with gods and demons, why he had run away from us and hidden; he was being kind."
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amy pond + hairporn

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When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid, and that’s it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.

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What can I do to drive away
Remembrance from my eyes? for they have seen,
Aye, an hour ago, my brilliant Queen!
Touch has a memory. O say, love, say,
What can I do to kill it and be free
In my old liberty?
(John Keats - To: What Can I Do To Drive Away)

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Rose,her name was. Rose. And…we were together.

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"Look the worst that I could of done was open up that wonderful box in your storage. Thought I did okay. Also I hate this, you humans have one heart how do you even live this is driving me nuts. I want my body back, time is moving too slow. Glad you are here though because I was going nuts.” Everything was said with a rush in a traditional Doctor manner, not really caring what the other was doing as he walked over and was waving his hands.

"No no, don’t do that. Don’t— we don’t know what’s going to happen when you get near. Maybe we’ll get thrown to opposite sides of the rooms an—" But it was too late, Tony already grabbed one of his arms in attempt to get him to stop moving so much and in one instant he was staring at his body and the next he was staring at Tony’s.


"YOU’RE YOU!" Hands went to touch his face, and then quickly to feel his heart beat. "I’M ME!" 

"I see you’ve been exploring and finding out what’s around the Tower. Glad to know you’ve entertained yourself." He eyed him. "Also, I like it with one heart. I like it with half a heart and a reactor. Two hearts make me nervous and jittery. No wonder you can’t sit down. Also, you can keep your peeks into the future all to yourself. Once is enough for me, and that’s all I need. Now, stop squirming." He wasn’t going to go into detail over what he had seen, oh no. If Doc wanted to know, he could go to that future himself.

Of course, the Doctor was probably right about the not touching, but he wanted to get his suit off of him and safe. So when they did accidentally touch in the scuffle of trying to get the Doctor to behave, he found, with a jolt, that he was the one trying to bat off the doctor.

"I’m… I am me. And you’re you. We’re normal again!"

"Oh… it’s good to be back to normal. Don’t touch me. Don’t, stay there. I don’t want to risk setting this off again." He warned as he stepped back, quick to reach around and tap the needed button so he could step out of the suit.

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Sam glanced to the other, eyebrows raising at the statement.  Things were ringing wrong, and he didn’t know what it was.  At least he was there enough to know that something was wrong.  But it was Doc, the wards wouldn’t have let him in either way.  Well- it might be Doc.  Watching the other warily, he gave a small smile, too many similar things were ringing up.  

You didn’t live with a man for about seventeen years and not pick up on being able to spot things.  But this was the Doctor- or at least looked like him.  He had Jarvis to confirm he was there, so he wasn’t imagining it at least.  ”It wasn’t.  Then we started traveling farther,” He sighed, running his tongue over his teeth, and glancing up the stairs.  Motioning for the other to follow, he decided instead of the lab, to hit the other room with the monitors.  

"We came to visit the tardis around new years- you caught us in it.  We just wanted to look at the set up of it- well, we visited it in 2014, and it wasn’t pretty.  You didn’t realize who we were for awhile.  Maybe you’ll forget this and make that happen, but right now, I don’t care much." He sighed a little.  "We wanted your help, but it didn’t work out that way." 

"Dean was what kind of kept it as…land based as we did.  You know he doesn’t like flying, you dealt with him enough in the box." Of course, you didn’t.  Inwardly, he found himself amused that he was talking to Tony, there was no way he wasn’t.  Which meant somehow they switched, and he wanted to laugh.  But he held it back the best he could.  He could give a warning a different way, hell, Sam could actually get him back to the right time if he did it right.  He had worked with the tardis enough.

"There isn’t another time up until now." Sam stated, his eyes landing on the other’s.  "There hasn’t been another time other than New Years, and he was a mess for the next two weeks.  I couldn’t get him to eat without pulling him physically out of the lab." 

Stopping in the doorway to the room- the screens had taken over the old lounge, displaying countries, symbols, blinking lights.  It was hard to make sense of at first, but Sam was already heading towards the coffee, automatically putting Tony’s together the way he liked it, and walking back over after he had time to digest it.

"Without the Doctor, without River, without Bea, Baalberith- without any of the old crew?  It’s more than us that suffers." He stated softly.  "When it’s just Tony and me left, we’re trying our best, but the pills I had to be put on after Dean died help me make sense of the world- they make me stop hallucinating as much, but they slow me down, and Tony still has to watch out for me.  He still has to guide me sometimes.  He still has the world on his shoulders, and he still has me to take care of, and it’s not the right future.  I shouldn’t be added to his worries, but I can’t leave.  I can’t make him worry about me more." 

He looked over the screens with a sigh.  ”We were doing okay until the Doctor died.  That last regeneration just never came, and we had to adapt.  Having a time machine and knowing how it runs and being able to use it is good and all- but it doesn’t do any good if you’re watching the world die around you.” 

He sighed, getting his own coffee.  ”Jarvis is a worldwide power now.  He’s in every office of every world leader, and he reports back here.  Tony Stark is the unofficial global president, though he won’t admit it.  I don’t know what I am.  Some people call me his bitch, to be honest.  Some people call me vice president, some people just call me that crazy one in the tower.  But I’m alive, and that’s saying something, I guess.” 

Sipping at his coffee, his gaze lingered over the screen again.

"The Doctor can’t die again," He paused, giving a small smile as the other casually drank the coffee, didn’t second think about what it was, or the taste at all.  Almost as if he was used to it.  "I really don’t want to give you any more pressure, Tony, you’re probably barely holding up under it all as it is, but if you can get the Doctor to come back, to get him to stay, I think it will take less off of your shoulders, and chance that he won’t teach us everything too late." 

That smile was almost soft as the other would catch what the statement really meant, Sam’s look momentary before he was looking at the screens again.  ”Switching bodies has to suck, but it’s gotta be nice being taller, huh, short wand?”

Tony had silently followed Sam, taking in all the little things he could, letting Sam talk. The future, in a world where everything was falling apart. And he was alive to see it, wasn’t that something? Why he and not the others? Where were the others for that matter? Sure, he saw his super friends less and less, they had their own trouble to deal with, but the end of the world seemed fairly big. That had to be something to draw the Avengers out.

Then again, maybe it had. And that might be why it was only Sam and Tony. It had to be something that the two of them could fight then. Something supernatural? More Sam’s department than his, but who knew what he had become a genius at in however many years had passed.

All the same, it was nice to walk and talk with Sam again like this. It was something that was missing in the present time. “Sounds like, overall, we’ve all had a busy time then with everything. No rest for the wicked, of course. That’d be too easy. And we all know that’s not fun enough.” He snorted.

The monitor room had caught his eye the second he stepped in thought. Curious he stepped closer, only half listening to what Sam had to say, trying to catch everything at once. it was as if Jarvis was trying to help too, screens splitting, changing, flipping between scenes, depending on what was going on, on where the focus needed to be. He was on constant duty, searching for patterns, looking for where help needed to be and what the boys could do.

"This is all… impressive." His Jarvis. His little AI becoming a world-wide power. He had to be connected everywhere, and Tony knew exactly how he would have done it, how it had to have been done. What needed to be upgraded, what could have stayed the same. "Brilliant, really. Of course I see how it’s done now, looking at it from this side. Why hadn’t I thought of it…" Part of him had heard about he himself becoming the world leader, but had let that go. No, that wouldn’t be him. Why would he be in control of things? The world had to be in serious danger if that was the case.

He had just been taking a sip of the coffee, realizing when Sam called him out. “So I’m not that good at pretending to be him. My bad.” He said with a smile and a shake of his head at that stupid nickname. Pottermore, even in the future, it haunted him. “He’s not that much taller than me. I hardly noticed the difference.” he felt the need to state, taking another sip of his coffee. Wasn’t the Doctor not supposed to have coffee? Whoops.

On a more serious note though, he sighed and looked to Sam. “You know, I probably can’t tell him any of this happened. He should already know about it, but if things happen, I can stop it. That’s how time works, and breaking all of that by trying to get him to tell us more while he… while he is around just might make things worse.” He couldn’t imagine the Doctor being dead. He wasn’t supposed to. Out of all of them, he was supposed to live. “I’ll do what I can though, Sam. Honestly… I think this is a future we’d all rather avoid.” He confessed as he turned to look at the screens once more while he gave a frown. “I think I might understand a little bit better how hard it is for him to try and live a life when he knows that a future like this is inevitable.”

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